In Grill London restaurants, there is an exclusive opportunity to observe the cooking process in an open kitchen, where all stages of food preparation are visible, from placing an order to serving the dish to the guest. The food preparation processes take place using professional equipment and technologies.

Unique ceramic grills

Ceramic grills used with ecological coal allow us to achieve stunning results. Our grills’ insulated ceramic covers, efficient air flow control, and their ability to maintain especially precise temperatures are advantages that allow us to make unbeatably juicy, soft and flavourful steaks. Cooking on these grills gives the food a soft and light smoky flavour.

Ageing “DRY AGER” chamber

In Grill London restaurants, located in the Old Town of Vilnius and PC CUP, there is an integrated special Dry Ager meat maturing chamber visible to the guests. The meat products stored in it allow for the preparation of even more tender and flavorful steaks. The maturing process takes place for 3 to 6 weeks: during the first three weeks, the meat undergoes internal structural changes, and in the remaining time, it develops its aroma. During dry aging, the meat is kept at a constant temperature and the air is continuously filtered through a special ultraviolet ray filter inside the chamber. This creates a bacteria-free environment where processes unfold, yielding incredible results.

,,Sous vide“ technology

Grill London restaurants have especially high food quality standards, and the latest modern technologies are used to cook our dishes and give us surprising capabilities. Sous vide technology allows us to find new unforgettable flavours and make even juicier and softer steaks. During this process, the meat, fish or vegetables are packaged into sealed vacuum bags and boiled in a special convectional vessel at a temperature of  less than 100 degrees. The result of this technology is especially juicy meat that retains all of its nutrients and vitamins.

Marinades and sauces

In all Grill London restaurants, we make marinades and sauces ourselves. Thanks to our chefs, who employ the latest technologies and unique recipes, our homemade marinades give each steak a subtle flavor and exceptional aroma.

To further enhance the taste of our dishes, we offer our guests a wide selection of 11 different sauces.