About ,,Grill London”

,,Grill London” is a chain of grill restaurants that visitors love because of its exceptional and responsible take on food quality. All of its steaks are grilled in unique ceramic grills using ecological fuels.

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The Grill London menu is based on 19 different types and flavours of steaks that are cooked exclusively on grills. Each steak can be accompanied by 8 different types of hot sides, 9 types of cold sides, and 9 sauces. You will also find various types of grilled appetisers, home burgers, naked burgers, soups, salads and desserts on our menu.

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Join us!

,,Grill London” is rapidly growing restaurant chain, creating a modern and dynamic working environment. We believe that our people are the key to success, because it is the staff who reflects the face of our company and philosophy. Therefore, we are looking for a special people, who are dedicated to work and able to create a feedback to the customer, who can feel welcome and want to come back again!