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Grill London is a 10-year-old restaurant chain that creates a modern and dynamic work environment. We firmly believe that the key to lasting success lies within the people who make up our team. It is they who, during guests’ visits, become the face and reflection of our company’s philosophy. That’s why we are searching for exceptional, passionate employees capable of forming strong connections with customers. We want every guest to feel welcomed and unable to resist the desire to return to us again and again!




The unique menu concept allows our guests to create their favorite dish combinations themselves. Choose from 26 options of freshly grilled meats, seafood, or plant-based hot dishes, and pair them with your desired hot and vegetable garnishes along with our house-made sauces.

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About ,,Grill London”

Grill London is a chain of grill restaurants that visitors love because of its exceptional and responsible take on food quality. All of its steaks are grilled in unique Josper grills using ecological fuels.

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