Types of deep - fried potatoes: wedges, boats, croquettes, straws

"Home burger" with chicken and deep - fried potato wedges

"Home burger" with "Teriyaki" chicken thighs and deep - fried potato croquettes

Fresh vegetable salad with honey and lemon sauce

Spicy chicken breast skewer with cranberries, ''fusilli" pasta and fresh vegetables


Spicy pork tenderloin skewer with rice and marinated vegetables

Marinated vegetables

BBQ pork ribs with deep - fried potato boats and ''coleslaw" salads

Pork loin roasts with mashed potatoes, warm champignons - cream sauce, tomato and cucumber salads with sour cream dressing

Salmon fillet steak with rice and grilled vegetables skewer

Beef steak with potato wedges and chargrilled broccoli with hard cheese

Caesar salads with tiger prawns

Fried bread with cheese sauce

Chargrilled dumplings with chicken, cheese and mushrooms

Curd pie with cherry sauce

"Naked burger" with beef croquette, potato straws and BBQ sauce